FPA Annual Embassy Trip to Washington DC – May 2022


Name George Hindson Email GHH0220@gmail.com

Registration: The May, 2022 Embassy trip is in the planning stage. Look here for an announcement of the trip and registration instructions.

For further information, contact George Hindson at GHH0220@gmail.com.



Every May the Foreign Policy Association of Harrisburg organizes an educational day trip to our nation’s capital to delve into the complex relationship between the United States and one foreign country. Our first stop is the U. S. State Department where we hear from officials at the “desk” of that foreign country. Next we have lunch at a restaurant with that country’s cuisine. Finally, we stop at the embassy itself and hear from an official of the embassy. The state department visit and embassy visits allow considerable time for a Q&A sessions. Past trips have allowed us to discuss topics such as China’s building of military bases on islands in the South China Sea to Poland’s views of NATO and the EU to Mexico’s positions on trade and the building of a border “wall.”