U.S. Army War College’s International Fellows “Know Your World” Event – November 8, 2023

FPA Members and Guests

The USAWC is unable to host our standard International Fellows Program this fall. However, they have invited us to their “Know Your World” Event. This will be:

  • Date: Wednesday, November 8, 2023
  • Time: 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM (We can enter at 4:50 PM)
  • Place: Carlisle Expo Center
    100 K Street
    Carlisle, PA 17013
  • Charge: There is no charge
  • RSVP: Before October 14 (see below)

USAWC Invitation: Here is the invitation from Bethany Hess, Plans & Operations Officer, International Fellows, USAWC:

After further attempts to find flexibility in the International Fellows’ schedule for this fall, it is not feasible for us to host a reception in October and November.

Alternatively, I would like to discuss the possibility of having the FPA attend the annual Know Your World event this 8 November 2023. 

Know Your World is an exclusive Carlisle Barracks evening event that showcases the International Fellows’ culture and national heritage. International Fellows display various items, present food, and are given this opportunity to share info and traditions from their home countries. This event would greatly benefit the FPA in helping it fulfill its overall Mission Statement, providing an opportunity for FPA members to engage with all the International Students and hear about each culture and various topics which may include international issues of present concern.  This knowledge may then be used to better educate US citizens, ultimately FPA’s Purpose. Each year, Know Your World is a praised event as it helps build cultural understanding and international relationships.

The first hour of the event is reserved for the command staff and distinguished guests while the remainder of the time is open to Carlisle Barracks.  Our Director, COL Henderson has already mentioned this opportunity to President Davison, and we confirmed with our staff here that it would be possible for FPA members to attend. 

VIDEO of 2022 “Knowing Your World Event”


This video was taken during the last three hours of the event when it was open to the entire Carlisle Barracks. As “distinguished guests”, we are invited to attend the first hour as well as the remainder of the program. They have offered to let us enter at 4:50 PM, giving us a “head start” on the rest. It will be much less crowded in the first hour. 


Our liaison with the USAWC, Tom Fosnacht, will gather the names of FPA members and guests who would like to attend. He will RSVP to the USAWC as one block of registrants. If you would like to attend, please provide the names of those attending, including guests here and then click on SUBMIT: